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Homelessness Prevention Program


The HOMELESSNESS PREVENTION PROGRAM (HPP) is a grant program we administer under the direction of our friends at the New Jersey Department of Community Affairs Housing Unit.


The purpose of HPP is to provide temporary assistance to households who are being evicted due to a short-term loss of income. Please call our office at 908-453-2194 to see if you are eligible for assistance.

Acceptable Reasons for a Temporary Loss of Income Include

  • Temporary lay off

  • Medical emergency/disability

  • A substantial and permanent change in household composition

  • Large, unexpected expense (major car repair payment)


Other Reasons to Document Homelessness

  • Domestic Violence (need a restraining order or letter from a Domestic Violence Agency)

  • Natural disaster (need letter from Red Cross)

  • Fire (need letter from Red Cross and/or Fire Marshall)

  • A substantial and permanent change in household composition

         ** Any other reason must be approved by DCA


Eligibility Requirements

  • Summons or warrant of removal from landlord-tenant court

  • Court papers must have a docket number and a court date and must be no more than 6 months old.

  • Current gross income at or below 80 percent of Area Median Income

  • Resided in the housing unit for incurring arrears

  • Ability to pay monthly housing costs after receiving assistance

  • Legally in the United States

  • Residency of 6 months in the State of NJ, at minimum, is required per grantor requirements.


Homelessness Prevention Program INELIGIBLE APPLICANTS

  • Applicants receiving a housing subsidy (on a rental assistance program)

  • Applicants being released from prison/jail

  • Applicants on TANF and SSI (should be referred to their County Board of Social Services for assistance)


Level of Assistance

  • Rental Arrears — Maximum is three months back rent plus reasonable court fees, legal fees, and other late fees included as rent in a written lease.

  • Relocation (applicant is homeless): Security deposit of up to 1 1/2 months rent and one forward month's rent.

  • The applicant cannot be assisted with both back rent and relocation to a new unit.

  • Security Deposit Only: permanently disabled or veteran household who just obtained a Section 8 or VASH voucher.

  • HPP was designed as a "one-time assistance program." Family Promise of Warren County staff must contact DCA before determining eligibility to see if the household was assisted before with HPP funds.

  • Households who have entered into a repayment agreement are ineligible for receiving funds for arrears — they may only receive a security deposit and the first month's rent

  • Households receiving any type of rental assistance are ineligible.

  • Mortgage costs or other expenses needed by homeowners for fees, taxes, or other costs of refinancing a mortgage are ineligible.

To view the list of some of our Common Documentation Necessary for Application Processing, please click below.

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