Family Promise of Warren County

Board of Trustees

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Bradford Day, Esq.


Brad retired nearly four years ago. He and his wife, Becky, enjoy traveling and playing golf together. In addition to Family Promise, Brad is active in the Lions Club and had the privilege of serving as a District Governor in 2016-2017, for which he was sworn in while attending the International Convention in Fukuoka, Japan. Last year, Brad and Becky traveled to Italy and France for a few weeks to enjoy some time together before staying in Milan, which hosted the convention. He also serves as the Secretary of the Belvidere Lions Club, as well as the Global

Leadership Team Coordinator for the 1,350 Lions in 59 clubs across northern N.J., whose motto is “We serve.” 

Brad underwent open-heart surgery 11 years ago and now serves as a heart-to-heart volunteer 

at the hospital where the bypass surgery took place. It brings him great personal pleasure to help others. Brad’s Lions Club partners with Family Promise to periodically provide meals to clients who are sheltered as part of the Interfaith Hospitality Network. During the Covid-19 pandemic, Brad has volunteered to help serve approximately 125 people a hot meal, delivered to their doors as part of the Belvidere Community Lunch Program.

After 45 years of practicing law, as well as teaching it at the Warren Community College, Brad realized that helping people has been his life’s work. In addition to his current volunteer work, Brad had the honor of serving Belvidere as their Mayor and Town Attorney for many years and served as a member of the Belvidere School Board and Chairman of the local District Committee of the Boy Scouts of America. Brad was also on the Local Planning Board for several years in Knowlton Township, where he now resides. Brad also served as the President of the Board of Trustees of Warren County Legal Services, Inc. for many years, as well as the President of the Board of Trustees of Warren County Family Guidance Center, Inc.


He understands the adage that “the more you give, the more you get.” Mahatma Gandhi’s quotation regarding service best personifies my commitment to service:“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.”

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Theresa A. Kist

Vice President

Theresa is currently the Office Manager and Access Team Leader with Legal Services of Northwest Jersey (LSNWJ). She started her career with LSNWJ as a paralegal 40 years ago. Throughout the years, she has worked closely with many of our county/state agencies to help provide legal assistance to individuals with low-incomes, individuals with disabilities and to the seniors citizens of Warren County. She found, over these many years, that when all of the agencies work together, they are able to accomplish many things, such as keeping someone from being homeless, helping someone navigate the system to apply for much needed benefits, and in some cases, just be there to listen to

the person and help guide them through some troubled times. As a Board member, Theresa wants to make sure that Family Promise can continue their great work in providing a helping hand to the most vulnerable population in Warren County who are in need of something as simple as shelter for their family.


Nishali Amin Rose, Esq.


Nishali has been a Family Promise Board member since 2016 and currently serves as the Board Secretary. Nishali, unfortunately, had many experiences with homeless individuals and families through her work at the Miami-Dade County Public Defender's Office, where many of her clients were accused of committing crimes that were the direct result of their lack of housing. She was involved in a variety of initiatives while living in Miami to assist homeless individuals with obtaining suitable housing and access to other resources.

After beginning work with at a Phillipsburg law firm, Nishali heard about Family Promise while helping a colleague find housing for a homeless client, as it was one of the few local organizations with the resources to help. After doing some research and learning that so many in our community were facing homelessness, Nishali knew that she had to get involved, leading her to join the Board. Nishali was born and raised in Easton, Pennsylvania, where she still lives with her husband and daughter. 


Elizabeth C. deRohan


Liz is the Treasurer for Family Promise and is well suited for that position given her bookkeeping background. She is retired from the Warren County Division of Temporary Assistance and Social Services, where she was a supervisor in the Case Banking Intake Unit. Her experience working with at-risk clients and her ability to identify underlying issues that impede employability make her a great asset and complements the Board of Directors very well. “I have seen too many situations where people fall through the cracks

either because they didn’t meet the right criteria or underlying issues were not properly addressed.”


Karen Williams, Retired from NYCPD

Weichert Real Estate Sales Agent

Karen began volunteering with FPWC in 2013 and shortly thereafter became a board member of Family Promise. To let her tell her story, she came face to face with homelessness during her career as a police officer. She witnessed individuals who took up residence inside the tunnels of the NYC subway system. Although the face of homelessness is quite a disparity from the tunnels of a transit system and the volunteer work of Family Promise, Karen came to the conclusion that homelessness is a complex

social problem with many underlying factors as to why someone may find themselves displaced from housing. It is because of her experience interacting with homeless people that she wants to continue to serve people who are currently homeless or about to become homeless and Family Promise is just the organization where she can continue to do  that. She says, “People helping people” is at the heart of this organization

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Dan Detore

When introduced to FPWC by a friend, Dan quickly recognized the value of the important support and services that FPWC offers those in need to get back on their feet and become self sufficient. Since he’s been very fortunate to have raised his sons and now his granddaughters in this area, Dan wanted to offer his support and experience to FPWC, motivated by the quote: “To whom much is given much is required.” Contributing to our community strengthens and improves it for everyone.

Having spent years on various township boards, FPWC provides an opportunity to 

positively impact people in a very direct and immediate way. Dan’s professional experience in financial services gave him the opportunity to guide and counsel clients of all economic backgrounds to take control of their personal finances through teaching fundamental money management concepts. His office developed the H.O.P.E project (help other people eat) during the holidays. The staff volunteered to purchase, assemble and deliver food boxes to those in need. The outpouring of support from the local residents and businesses was very gratifying and greatly appreciated by every recipient.

In his role representing FPWC, Dan looks forward to meeting many new friends in the community by spreading the word of this very worthy organization and invites all who wish to join us to help others during a critical time.


Beth Bergin

Beth grew up in Morris County and has been a 4 year resident of Greenwich Township, NJ. 

Beth most recently worked as a sales representative for Staples in their commercial furniture division and is currently a full time stay at home mom. She enjoys hiking, going to concerts, spending time with her family and exploring the beautiful greater Lehigh Valley area. After attending a children’s community service event at Family Promise with her daughter, she immediately fell in love with the organization and their dedication to

helping the less fortunate in our community. She was invited to join the Board of Trustees and has been a regular volunteer at the day center since. 


Dawn Walker

Dawn joined the Family Promise Board in early 2019. A longtime resident of Phillipsburg,  she is now the proprietor of LisAvi’s Boutique in Lopatcong Township. Before her Boutique business, Dawn had a career as a case manager for the Warren County Division of Temporary Assistance and Social Services. Her experience brings a great deal of knowledge and understanding to our mission and the clients we serve. Coupled with her volunteer work as a trustee for the First Baptist Church of Anderson, she is an excellent addition to the board of directors. Her compassion and empathy for those down on their luck are well known.   “It is important to me to let them know someone cares and wants to help them.”