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Volunteer for FPWC

Volunteering at Family Promise of Warren County (FPWC), is still needed but in very different areas. While our previous focus was on assisting host and supporting congregations with their hosting schedules, our rotational shelter program has now closed. Currently, we are seeking volunteers for phone assistance, call screening, assembling case records, organizing office supply drives, and particularly organizing fundraising events.


Here is an overview of the individuals and households served by FPWC in recent years:

  • In 2020, FPWC served 135 individuals, consisting of 68 adults and 67 children, in 53 households.

  • In 2021, we provided services to 98 individuals, comprising 51 adults and 47 children, across 41 households.

  • In 2022, FPWC served 107 individuals, including 64 adults and 43 children, in 54 households.

  • In 2023, FPWC:

    • Provided re-housing services to 106 homeless individuals, including 61 adults and 45 children.

    • Prevented homelessness for 707 individuals, including 294 adults and 413 children.

    • Assisted 253 households with the combination of prevention, diversion, re-housing, and rapid-resolution programs.

These figures highlight significant aspects of our agency's work. Firstly, they demonstrate that FPWC maintained its rapid rehousing and prevention services throughout the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. The numbers also illustrate a slowdown in operations during and immediately after the pandemic in 2021 due to the eviction moratorium. However, the figures rebounded in 2022 as households faced ongoing housing challenges and evictions resumed. The remarkable increase in individuals served in 2023 underscores the urgent need in Warren County and our agency's expansion to accommodate additional housing programs and staff.

Regrettably, limited revenue hinders our ability to assist even more families in Warren County. As a self-supporting organization, FPWC relies on fundraising efforts to cover operational expenses. Volunteers who can help develop significant fundraising events would be greatly appreciated. Additionally, we seek volunteers to lead the development and fundraising efforts for a static site shelter program in Warren County, which would be an invaluable asset compared to the rotational shelter model we previously employed.

While we continue to provide the aforementioned services in Warren County, it is crucial to acknowledge the impact of the lack of shelter availability on the community. Prior to the shutdown of the Family Promise Shelter Program due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our staff provided rehousing, prevention, and other housing services while simultaneously accommodating families in the shelter. However, with the closure of the shelter program, FPWC must now provide these essential services to households without the opportunity to house them in our shelter.

Volunteers to assist in fundraising campaign to support the creation of a fixed site safe haven and to assist with public education and support for a safe haven is needed. Please call Rachel or Bob at 908-453-2194 for more information or email or for more information.

Thank you for your continuous support!

“Volunteers do not necessarily have the time;

they just have the heart. ~Elizabeth Andrew

A word from our Volunteers


Family Promise is an amazing agency. Being involved as a volunteer in the shelter program is great. Everyone jumps right in to help our Warren County neighbors. As they say, it is a program serving others in our own backyards.


Thank you for all you do to make our community better! We know the great impact you have on our community and their families. Thank you!

Sister M. Michaelita Popovice
      Program Director                              

“I have been a witness from its earliest stages, the phenomenal growth of Family Promise in Warren County.  I believe through the commitment and persistence of the Executive Director there is a successful program for individuals and families to become self- sufficient.“


If you have ever thought you would like to give back and help in some way but don’t know how you could do that, the answer is to get involved with Family Promise.  There was a time when I questioned what did I have to offer; after all, I only have a high school education.  There are so many places you can offer your gifts, and Family Promise is on the top of the list.  To help a family get “back on their feet,” to provide a stable environment for their children and once again become productive in society has more rewards to that family, and to you, than you can imagine.  To anyone reading this, step out of your comfort zone and help your fellow man, volunteer, and get your friends/church to volunteer.  You will never be sorry you are associated with Family Promise of Warren County.


profile male.png

Mike Bartel


Mike is retired from NJ Transit and became involved in the agency at a time when one of our most devoted and dedicated van driver, Leon Hendershot, became ill and could no longer assist FPWC. Like all of our employees, Mike is humble, sincere, honest, and understanding. These qualities make him a perfect fit for his role as a van driver and ambassador for FPWC.

profile male.png

Mike Bullis

Mike is is a retired high school teacher and athletic coach. He loves the outdoors and continues to section hike the Appalachian Trail.  Mike gives back to the community and volunteers at the Belvidere Food Pantry, at community lunches at the United Presbyterian Church of Belvidere, Habitat for Humanity, the Trail Stewart Crew at the Pocono Environmental Education Center, the Belvidere Shade Tree Commission, and of course here at FPWC.  He is another very modest, trustworthy, and good-natured van driver, who loves meeting and working with people and enjoys being a part of FPWC.
Phil websize.jpg

Phil Sweet


Phil has been a Family Promise volunteer for 25 years, with 14 years at FPWC. Before retiring, Phil was a Quality Assurance Manager at Nabisco and Kraft Foods and he has been instrumental in organizing and producing comedy show fundraisers for FPWC. He began doing standup after realizing his whole career was 35 years of comedy material. His clean material and laid-back style make his humor accessible to a wide range of audiences, while his insightful perspectives on modern life and a world gone wacky give you lots to think about and even more to laugh about. Performing solo and with a standup comedy ensemble, Phil has appeared at comedy clubs, festivals, and benefit shows in NYC, all along the eastern seaboard from Florida to Massachusetts and St. Thomas and Riviera Maya, Mexico.

“FPWC is notable for providing a continuum of care from homelessness prevention to emergency / long-term shelter and training/support to regain permanent housing. I am proud to be part of it.”

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