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Thank You!


Last December, Family Promise of Warren County was in serious financial trouble. If the agency had been a ship, it would have been taking on water at a rate faster than the pumps could handle and we were sinking. Then, in response to the urgent appeal, many folks and groups came to the rescue with financial assistance, adding more pumps to right the ship and prevent a disaster. Because of all those who answered the call to help, the ship is riding higher in the water now, not yet ensured of reaching a safe harbor but in much better condition to continue the journey. The short term crisis has passed, yet the struggle for stability and long range security continues. 

As we work to establish that long term financial security, the members of the Board of Directors extends our deep gratitude to all those who answered the call for help this past month. Your generosity has given us some breathing room and now we need to work even harder to guarantee a firm financial footing to see that the important work of Family Promise continues to deliver the help and caring for the homeless families that depend on us. All those involved in this effort, from the minimal staff component to the many volunteers that deliver tremendous service day in and day out, we are grateful to you all. As we move ahead with the mission of Family Promise, we hope we can count on you and many others to assist us. And again, your quick response to avert the recent crisis is greatly appreciated. Thank you is insufficient to let you know how much your help has meant to us, and to those who we serve. 

Thank You, 

        Henry D. Dinger 

Henry D. Dinger, Board President