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You’ve Heard the BAD News – 
                       Here's the GOOD News!

(September 2010) We’ve all seen the headlines – “Poverty at a 15 year high" – “1 in 7 Americans Living in Poverty.”  These are unquestionably difficult times. But here's the good news. As of early September 2010, Interfaith Hospitality Network (WCIHN) had served 24 homeless families, including 28 children. Additional families have been helped since then, and continue to be placed in homes.

We have also been operating the Homelessness Prevention and Rapid Re-Housing Program (HPRP). As a result, from November 2nd to August 31st we assisted 78 households with either back rent to prevent homelessness, or with security deposits and advance rent to re-house already homeless families. We are keeping families intact and stably housed.  Over $174,000 has been spent providing these services, all provided by HUD ARRA funding via State Dept of Community Affairs. 

"We are proud that we are working both ends of the homelessness issue, housing homeless families AND preventing evictions and re-housing families," says Bob Frankenfield, Executive Director. "Many thanks for all of your help and commitment to the IHN program. We could not have done this without your assistance."

But as the headlines indicate, our work is far from done. Not surprisingly, revenue is especially tight right now, and some of the hoped-for grant money has been less than expected. While every effort is made to to take advantage of grants and all other available resources, we still rely on the generous gifts of all those who support our efforts, and who want to be part of the "good news." Donations are always appreciated, and can be sent in or given online. Our families thank you!

("Grace," above, is from one of our WCIHN families, now in a home. Read some thank-you notes from our families.)