Volunteering can help to change the lives of the families we serve.

There are various volunteer opportunities at Family Promise of Warren County. One of our biggest needs is to assist the host and support congregations with their hosting schedules. Many of our involved congregations are very small. Our Floater List of folks who may not belong to the host church but can help out is of great benefit. These volunteer opportunities could involve serving meals, playing board games, helping with homework, or just being there providing hospitality. The office could use volunteers for filing, answering phones, assembling case records, doing a supply drive, organizing fundraising events, and the list goes on and on. We have to be a jack of all trades, so there are certainly opportunities.


The amount of time spent volunteering can vary but often is just a few hours if one is assisting the host coordinators with their week with our guests. Of course, it depends on the type of volunteering as things like resume building, assisting with housing searches, and budgeting can involve a longer time commitment.

Family Promise of Warren County wants every volunteer to feel comfortable, so we provide an orientation and tour of our Day Center and will be sure to provide an understanding of the rotational nature of the shelter program.

"Volunteering is a rewarding experience, and our volunteers are critical to our vision"

The vision of Family Promise of Warren County is a community, and a country, in which every family and individual has a home, a job, and the opportunity to build a better future.

We organize more than 2,000 bednights and 6,000 meals annually. Volunteers provide nutritious meals for our guests who are currently without homes.  They provide a listening ear when they take the time to sit and talk with guests. The connections that both volunteers and our guests make is valuable and helps to encourage and strengthen them as they prepare to transition into new housing.

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“Volunteers do not necessarily have the time;

they just have the heart. ~Elizabeth Andrew

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A word from our Volunteers:

Sister M. Michaelita Popovice
      Program Director