Family Promise of Warren County Virtual Comedy Show

Why Virtual?


  • No worries about the weather 

  • Cheaper than the movies

  • You don’t need to wear a mask

Lots of ways to watch: 

  • Throw A party –  share the laughter with your favorite “safe” friends, your favorite food and drink

  • Snuggle up on the couch- Comedie pour Deux

  • Watch from your favorite chair (Keep all the fun for yourself)

  • No bad seats – no giant hair-dos blocking your view.

  • You can crank the sound UP

  • You can throw fruit at the comedians

  • Getting to go out with your work buddies without being stuck next to THAT guy

  • No need to tip the waiter after getting your 3rd drink

All tickets are $25. So you can have as many people watch the show virtually for the price of one ticket.

Can't attend? Please consider

donating to support the event and Family Promise of Warren County.