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WCIHN Featured in Newton Presbytery Newsletter

posted Dec 6, 2014, 2:58 PM by web feat
 This week, Warren County Interfaith Hospitality Network (IHN) and partner church Oxford Second Presbyterian were featured in the Newton Presbytery Newsletter.  In the article, Henry Newbold, of the Communications Committee of the Presbytery Coordinating Team, shared about the program and the active church involvement.

Read some excerpts below:

"IHN of Warren County is a collection of roughly fourteen congregations which, on a rotating basis, house the temporarily homeless with the commitment of dinner and evening shelter. The program, an affiliate of Family Promise of Warren County, offers shelter to homeless families from the Warren, southern Sussex, and occasionally northern Hunterdon County areas. Recently, with the addition of the St. John’s Evangelical Lutheran congregation in Easton, PA, service has been extended to Northumberland County, Pennsylvania.

"The Day Center offers the opportunity for coached job search, including preparation of resumes, a response location, and opportunity for such normal daily tasks as laundry, infant nurture, and a solid breakfast. The cooperating churches provide dinners, relaxation opportunities, and night shelter via sleeping quarters.

"The program’s major benefit is its ability to keep the family unit intact while they are in the midst of the wrenching experience of homelessness. As we know, most shelter housing requires separation into gender situations destroying the family fabric, which doesn’t happen with IHN.

"The program has served approximately 14 families, 27 individuals, and 18 children this year. Access to counseling and social service providers, both governmental and private is also available. The program has offered outplaced counseling and real estate assistance to six hundred twenty three families since its inception..."

Click here to read the full article.