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Lowe's Heroes Come to the Rescue

posted Jul 31, 2010, 4:15 PM by Web Feat   [ updated Sep 25, 2010, 1:43 PM ]
Lowe's Heroes will soon use their expertise to complete a number of needed improvements on the Day Center. Projects include replacement of the front porch; insulation of all the furnace pipes; installation of a new handrail; and possibly other projects, depending on funding available for materials. 

The front porch is rotted, and while It is not yet a safety issue, it would be soon if not addressed. The wood and balusters will be replaced with maintenance-free composite decking. Every winter the Center also loses heat from the steam oil furnace, as none of the pipes are currently insulated. There is also an exposed pipe which could easily be mistaken for a handrail. Lowe's Heroes will cover all the pipes with proper insulation and add a new handrail, saving on heating costs while making the pipes safer. They will also replace a basement window which has a gap that allows rodents to enter an area where food is stored. 

Other possible projects include the insulation of supports for the basement rafters, and replacement of some of the insulation downstairs to make the Center more energy efficient. It has also been determined that a downspout that runs to a flat roof is causing the roof to leak. Lowe's Heroes hope to re-route the downspout off the side of the house into a flowerbed.

Many thanks to Lowe's and their staff volunteers for their hard work and generosity.