The mission of the Warren County Interfaith Hospitality Network, New Jersey (WCIHN) is to address the immediate needs of homeless families in our communities. Through the Warren County IHN, we extend compassion, care, and hope to families through a network of Host and Support Congregations, civic and business organizations, and individual volunteers. We provide safe, home-like emergency shelter, meals, and other support for helping families regain their independence.


Host Congregations

  1. Alpha Mennonite Church, Alpha
  2. Westminster Presbyterian Church, Phillipsburg
  3. Old Greenwich Presbyterian Church, Stewartsville
  4. Second Presbyterian Church, Oxford
  5. St. Luke’s Episcopal Church, Phillipsburg
  6. Trinity United Methodist, Hackettstown
  7. The Presbyterian Church in Harmony, Harmony
  8. United Presbyterian Church, Belvidere
  9. Panther Valley Ecumencial Church, Allamuchy
  10. Stewartsville Presbyterian Church, Stewartsville
  11. St. John’s United Methodist Church, Hope
  12. Phillipsburg Alliance Church, Phillipsburg
  13. St. John's Evangelical Lutheran Church, Easton, PA

Support Congregations

  1. Broadway United Methodist Church, Broadway
  2. Changewater United Methodist Church, Changewater
  3. Pilgrim Presbyterian Church, Phillipsburg
  4. Highlands Presbyterian, Long Valley
  5. Port Colden United Methodist Church, Port Colden
  6. Port Murray United Methodist Church, Port Murray
  7. Rockport Presbyterian, Port Murray
  8. St. Jude Roman Catholic Church, Blairstown
  9. St. Philip & St. James Roman Catholic Church, Phillipsburg
  10. St. Mary’s Roman Catholic Church, Alpha
  11. St. Peter’s Episcopal Church, Washington
  12. Ss. Peter & Paul Roman Catholic Parish, Great Meadows
  13. Belvidere United Methodist Church, Belvidere
  14. Episcopal Church of St. Luke and St. Mary, Hope and Belvidere
  15. Buttzville United Methodist Church, Belvidere